Street flagpoles act as a stand for placing heraldry, advertising and image materials. Scope of use of street flagpoles provides its setting near:

  • administrative building;
  • educational institution;
  • stadium or sports institution;
  • other facilities.

Production of flagpoles is aimed at all-season external use. They belong to the category of fixed – installation involves burying and fixing the flagpole in the ground.

What you should know about street flagpoles

Street flagpoles vary in height and color. Thus you can buy a flagpole 6-8 meters high, in accordance with individual requirements, the maximum height of the flagpole is 35 meters. Besides, at the customer’s request a street flagpole can be equipped with banner-arm (banner shoulder) – a horizontal crossbar located in the upper part of the structure perpendicular to the tower. The presence of a banner-beam makes it possible to show the flag and other heraldry even without wind.

Street flagpoles with a manufacturer’s warranty
“OLDI SVET” offers the best cooperation conditions for those who need high-quality and safe design for mounting and display of heraldic symbols.

We independently produce stationary products, so you buy a finished product without intermediary surcharges and overpayments. Only reliable materials and fittings are used for the manufacture of the flagpoles which ensure long service life.
Coming to “OLDI SVET”, you receive the structures:

  • with excellent aesthetic characteristics;
  • easy to transport, use and storage;
  • with high strength and low weight;
  • protected from rapid wear and corrosion.

You can buy street flagpoles in “OLDI SVET”. An official 5 to 15 years warranty is used for all branded products. To buy a flagpole of a custom color, simply select the desired color from the directory before ordering. We offer more than 10 colors to choose from, taking the production of flagpoles, 100% corresponding to the actual needs and objectives.