Lightning rods

Company “Oldi Svet” offers to buy a lightning rod and ensure protection of residential buildings from direct lightning strikes, safety of household appliances and equipment. Proven design of the air terminal, several types of anti-corrosion coating and color options, useful height from 8.5 to 16 meters – our lightning protection will help to divert the elements. Be sure in the safety of important buildings – order a lightning rod from “Oldi Svet”!

Why use lightning rods

Lightning protection is an important element of the safety of any building. It provides rejection of an atmospheric spark discharge (or lightning), arising due to the potential difference between the atmosphere and the earth. Lightning rods allow to prevent sparking, protect internal wiring and appliances, prevent the generation of hazardous induced current.

Lightning rods consist of 3 main elements:

  • air terminal (located at the forefront of “defense” from a lightning strike and is a metal pin, mounted above the protected premises);
  • conductor (used for connection to ground terminal);
  • ground terminal (conductor that directs the charge to ground).

The radius of the protective zone is the difference in height between the highest points of the building and an air terminal, multiplied by 1.732.

Galvanized lightning rods by “Oldi Svet”

We offer to buy a lightning rod on the basis of lighting pole of 2 main types – buried and anchor. Our products are made using only the best technology and equipment, so our customers receive lightning rods with the most practical features:

  • corrosion protection using special composition or hot-dip galvanization;
  • possible to put on a pole together with lighting equipment;
  • painting to order (available in a wide range of colors according to RAL color palette).

Lightning rods from “Oldi Svet” – your buildings are in safe hands!