Cone poles

Unlike tubular ones, conical poles have varying diameter, where the bottom, supporting part has larger diameter than the upper part. Due to this feature, if height and weight are low, the structure can be installed without the use of major foundations, and directly in the ground. Cone lighting poles show effective compensation of external and internal vibrations during operation. Cone lighting poles are used in 2nd wind zone where the external temperature can reach -40 degrees Celsius.

What conical bearings can be

Lighting poles of this category are divided into two product groups:

Faceted cone pole

In addition to the increased diameter of the base, the faceted cone pole is characterized by facets. Faceted poles are used to illuminate major highways, streets and road junctions, construction sites, industrial use facilities, in settlements. The hollow interior ensures the possibility to supply electricity to the lighting device inside the pole. Installation by flanged or direct standing method.

Cone round pole

Round cone design is used for the functional lighting of roads, highways, pedestrian walking areas, gas stations, suburban towns. Cone round poles, presented in “Oldi Svet” catalog, may have height up to 14 meters. The poles are installed by flange method with creation of the foundations or directly into the ground, so they are often called buried. The product has a decent flexibility that minimizes the risk of major damage in case of a collision of vehicle with a pole. The supporting structure may be made of steel 3-10 microns thick. Thus, it is possible to choose the best poles that meet actual needs of the customer.

“Oldi Svet” is a reliable manufacturer of cone poles

The company “Oldi Svet” takes a responsible approach to the manufacturing process of each cone pole. Products are manufactured by hot or cold galvanizing, have increased resistance to corrosion. The potential service life of structures is up to 30 years. We guarantee rapid design of poles and brackets without restrictions.  On demand, individual projects can be developed.