Tubular poles

At the request of the customer, the pillars of the company \”Oldisvet\” can have one of three types of coatings:
Hot galvanizing
This is the immersion of the finished product in a container with molten zinc.
The thickness of the applied zinc coating will be no less than 80-120 microns.
Warranty for hot galvanizing – 15 years old.Cold galvanizingThis method is a combination of hot zinc plating (so-called cathodic protection) with paint (barrier protection)
and then additional application of paint products with a layer thickness of 70 microns.
Thus, the the actual thickness of the protective layer will be from 120 to 140 microns.
This technology complies with European quality standards ISO 3549-1987 and DIN 55969
(96% zinc in dry layer),
ISO 752 and DIN 1706 guarantee the cleanliness of zinc