When a reliable city lighting is required, the customers choose street lighting from “Oldi Svet”. Our company offers a wide range of modern lighting equipment, which is already widely used to illuminate streets of cities, platforms at railway stations, park areas, production facilities in many cities of the CIS. Outdoor lighting fixtures from “Oldi Svet” – maximum efficiency and stylish design at a reasonable price!

Street lights from “Oldi Svet”: types and characteristics

Company “Oldi Svet” successfully produces the most popular forms of outdoor lighting fixtures – console and LED.

Street lighting fixtures of console type are used as a universal device to illuminate sections of roads, city streets, railway platforms, etc. They are mounted on L or T-shaped poles. LED lamps are ideal for decorative illumination of parks, squares, public gardens, cultural and industrial facilities. They are mounted upright on the metal support structures.

We have set up the production of a large number of outdoor lighting fixtures series with different performance characteristics. Each device is made according to high standards of quality and has

  • high efficiency (90% – for LED, 80-84% – for HPS lamps);
  • vandal resistant construction with anticorrosive coating and protection from dust, moisture, etc.;
    durable start-regulating devices from Helvar, Vossloh-Schwabe, Tridonic etc.;
  • modern design and easy mounting technology.
    Outdoor lighting fixtures from “Oldi Svet” are divided into 3 types – ZhKU, GKU and DKU.

The ZhKU lighting fixture includes HPS lamp with power of 70, 100 and 150 W with yellow glow. They are perfect for illumination of streets and large open spaces.

  • Metal-halogen lamps are used for GKU lighting fixtures.
  • DKU lighting fixture is based on energy-efficient LEDs with efficiency up to 90%. High luminous efficacy makes them the best means to illuminate squares, parking lots, building surrounding areas, etc.

5 Reasons to order street lights from “Oldi Svet”:

  • own modern production of light fixtures (ISO 9001) with the possibility of a rapid transition to the production of other products types;
  • favorable purchase prices for modern street lighting fixtures;
  • a full set of certificates for 10 popular series of external light fixtures;
  • delivery of products to CIS countries
    Two major offices are located in Belarus (Minsk, Francisk Skorina St., bld. 54 a, room 201) and Russia (Smolensk, Stroiteley Avenue, bld. 22A).

Choose “Oldi Svet” street lighting fixtures to receive perfect outdoor illumination!