We work every day to implement your ideas and projects in the field of lighting

We have modern equipment
Highest caliber professionals
ISO 9001 Quality System
The production process consists of 4 stages:

Design and urban planning of the 21st century imply personal approach, which reflects the worldview and personality of the specific customer. Our company employs professionals with art education who allow you to fully implement your ideas in the design of poles and brackets. Short term of the development of projects for poles and brackets according to customers’ requirements, as well as the rationale for the reliability of their operation at planned loads are provided by multifunctional software package LIRA SOFT.

Procurement of materials and components

Quality products can be manufactured only from high quality materials and components. For the production of lighting fixtures we use European components, which have confirmed the high performance in operational conditions.


All technological processes for the production of poles, brackets and lighting fixtures are carried out in strict accordance with the established technical specifications. For the production of poles we use a modern production line for conical round and faceted poles, installed in 2015, which includes the complete cycle of production: from unwinding of roll steel to bending with LBM-tandem 14 m long and automatic welding. Finished products fully comply with the standards of the Customs Union and the European Union.

Anti-corrosion and decorative finishing

Poles, brackets, metal parts of lighting fixtures and steel structures are treated to ensure protection against moisture and corrosive environments. Our company offers three types of coatings

  1. oldizinc® coating means the use of high-quality single-component zinc-filled coating (made in Germany) for long-term corrosion protection of structures made of ferrous metals
  2. Hot-dip galvanization – by dipping the finished product in the bath of molten zinc
  3. Hot-dip galvanization plus additional application of paint using electrostatic method
Video about our production
Own production facilities
Located in Borisov (Minsk region, Belarus)