Active sales in B2B training

From February 29 to March 1, 2020 we held B2B Active Sales training among our merchants. The training was held by Business Coach Vitaly Dubovik who is a “playing” business coach and the managing partner at ACTIVE SALES business school. The key area of business trainings and workshops is active sales and business negotiations. Experience in coaching since 2005. 2003-2011 – personal practical experience in active sales and negotiations at a foreign company’s representative office (JTI). Certified business coach of Core Business School. Coach Mark Kukushkin, Moscow.

Training program included:

  1. Introduction to active sales.
  2. Making and maintaining contact with Client.
  3. Identifying Client’s needs.
  4. Commercial offer presentation.
  5. Client’s objections management.
  6. Closing the deal.
  7. Time management
  8. Final examination: battle in negotiations.

The training involved: information and methodological frameworks, business cases, practical role-playing exercises, and case-based tasks. Screens and video materials, video recording and analysis using video camera as well as analysis and review of tough negotiations recorded using hidden camera.

Through the use of video recording, all the participants could see themselves through others’ eyes and analyze their strengths and weaknesses within negotiating process. They’ve also mastered how to win business negotiation by the effect of good preparation thereto.

As a result, the participants worked out the following skills:

  1. Holding business negotiations. Full cycle of business negotiations.
  2. Arrangement of business negotiations. Business negotiations structure and content management.
  3. Skill in capturing and retaining the initiative in business negotiations. Preparation to business negotiations.
  4. Mastered how to manage the time properly, how to prioritize the tasks, and how to minimize time sinks.

Impressions after the training: we realized the tactics, strategies and time management! We’ve got an idea of how to structure negotiations, how to process objections, and how to steer negotiations. We’ve learnt how to read properly and interpret negotiators’ behavior. We realized how little we used out of presented facts and mastered how to turn them into reasons and advantages. Now we know how important it is when you can plan and manage your time that is both worktime and personal time. We’ve realized that we’re surrounded by time sinks and learnt how to get rid of them.