Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Industrial lighting fixtures designed for fluorescent lamps are used to illuminate various production areas, warehouses, workshops and stairwells. It is important that such lighting fixtures are allowed for use in the food industry, i.e. dairies, meat processing plants, poultry farms and kitchens. Besides, the industrial lighting fixtures can be found in clinics and hospitals.

Our company Oldi Svet manufactures excellent lighting fixtures, made of high quality plastic, ABS (akrilonitrilbutadien-styrene). To facilitate the installation of industrial lighting fixtures the equipment includes a latching system made of stainless steel. Our products can be called completely safe, they exclude the possibility of electric shock to the employees of enterprises, plus they meet all applicable environmental requirements. Of course, much depends on the correctness of the lighting fixture installation, however, in case of the use of industrial lighting fixtures manufactured by our company, all assembly calculations are very simple as the products are protected from dust and moisture.

It is important that industrial lighting fixtures are economically efficient. The term “economical efficiency” refers to the low total expenditure for the installation and maintenance of the devices, and at the same time their service life is taken into account. We can say with certainty that the use of our lighting fixtures will not entail high costs. This is due to the design of the devices, which facilitates their installation, as well as their high reliability, ensuring long service life of lighting fixtures.

Our industrial lighting fixtures are perfect not only for production buildings but also for a variety of retail spaces. They provide good quality of artificial light color, which helps to attract the attention of buyers to the goods. Besides, our lighting fixtures have an attractive appearance, and fit perfectly into the interior of the shops and shopping centers.