Kinetic Lighting Structures – replacement or addition to the celebratory fireworks

People have always wanted two things: bread and circuses. Of course, every person has to care for daily bread personally, but the organizers of mass events usually think about the circuses. For example, city holidays very rarely do without bright and noisy entertainment – fireworks. Both children and adults wait for the fireworks, and when they start all dreamily gaze at the dazzling lights that turn on and instantly go out in the night (evening) dark sky.

The duration of the pleasure depends on the amount of money paid by the organizers, but usually the fireworks last for at least 5-10 minutes. However, if children are just happy, many adults cannot bear to look at the fireworks, which is actually a waste of money. How much good could be done for the city, if you invest this money not in fireworks, but in something else, something useful! And what about circuses? – the readers will ask. We will reply: kinetic light structures can be used for the circuses.

Just think, how beneficial will in fact be the acquisition of kinetic lighting structures! Their value cannot be compared with the cost of the fireworks, but they perfectly imitate the fireworks. Moreover, the kinetic light products are reusable: buy them once, and their beauty will delight you for a long time, being a decoration of every next holiday. If the product works on the miniature incandescent bulbs, it will last for about 25,000 hours, LED products will last for about 100,000 hours!

Even if the organizers of the events believe that the kinetic lighting fixtures cannot replace the fireworks, it is unlikely that someone would dare to claim that they are not beautiful. Such products can simulate not only the fireworks but also the turning wheel, blossoming flower, fire fountain, spin of the orbits, as well as some other forms.

Well, we will not argue, let the fireworks be real (public opinion cannot be changed quickly, and everyone is expecting fireworks), but kinetic lighting fixtures should be a worthy addition to it.