Manufacture and sale of light fixtures at low price

Our company Oldi Svet specializes in the production and sale of lamps for use in industrial, commercial premises, as well as in the streets of settlements.

We treat the quality of our products very responsibly. Due to the special design, the industrial lamps are easy to install and do not require costly maintenance. This issue is very important, because usually the ceilings in such areas are very high, and even such elementary work as replacing the lamp can face certain problems. And what to say about the repair of the lighting fixture itself… Therefore, our customers are offered the lighting fixtures, about which they do not have to remember all the time – install them and forget about the problems!

Our customers cannot but rejoice the fact that we sell the industrial lighting fixtures, protected from the effects of high humidity and dust. This protection allows to install them in areas with unfavorable conditions: in kitchens, in workshops of industrial enterprises, as well as food industry enterprises, in the territory of dusty warehouses, laundries, public showers, bathrooms etc.

Artificial light is needed not only indoors, but also in the streets of settlements. Lighting of the city is the key to the safety of its citizens, and it’s not just that most crimes are committed in the darkness. The thing is that even a small pit at the unlit street can result in fractures and bruises. Therefore, we offer street lamps that will not only illuminate the territory, preventing unpleasant falls and crime, but will also decorate the landscape.

We are selling lighting fixtures manufactured in accordance with all requirements and GOSTs, the compliance with which is mandatory for manufacturers of such products. Our lighting fixtures have an attractive appearance, they are economical and safe for consumers.