Manufacture of light fixtures

Our company Oldi Svet offers our clients the manufacture of light fixtures of different types. We sell industrial and street lighting fixtures.

They are suitable for use in areas of production enterprises, in stairwells, in the sales rooms and shops, in clinics and hospitals, in offices. Our street lighting fixtures will fit perfectly into the landscape design of any settlement, decorate and illuminate parks, highways, sidewalks, territory near the buildings.

We manufacture lighting fixtures, characterized by economical efficiency, which is reflected in the duration of their service life, ease of installation and maintenance. Besides, our lighting fixtures allow to save energy. Our products are characterized by not only high quality and stylish design. Sometimes the cost of the product plays an important role for its purchase. The Oldi Svet company offers the production of lighting fixtures at prices affordable for the general category of consumers.

We sell our lighting fixtures in the territory of several countries and have been able to establish ourselves as an excellent manufacturer.