The process of the pipe reduction in diameter

“OLDI SVET” LLC purchased new equipment that increased productivity, as well as the quality of products.

The rolling machine is designed to perform the tasks of reducing and distributing the ends of pipes with a maximum diameter of 76 mm. The machine processes the ends of the workpieces with the same efficiency, both with a round cross-section and with a square one. The main sphere of this model application is furniture manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and pipeline laying.

The equipment is designed to efficiently process the ends of pipe shells to create a smooth and reliable welded seam. The rolling machine not only reduces the end surfaces, but also completely eliminates the formation of any defects during the operation. In addition, the machine is characterized by increased safety and convenience in settings and management.

In our company, this model reduces the pipe from a diameter of 57mm to a diameter of 50 or 48mm. This technology is used in the manufacture of brackets.