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Tubular decorative pole OM22

Steel pole for lighting fixtures for streets, squares, parks, public gardens.
OM22a - anchor.
Anchor block is indicated as a separate item.
Protective coating
  • OM(cg) - oldizinc® coating and painting by electrostatic method.
  • OM(o) - hot-dip galvanization.
  • Color - to order img
Scope of supply for pole ОМ22
LED bulb
Toughened protection glass
Cable - on request
Input board — on request
Technical Specifications of OM22
Pole type Н,m А,mm Weight, kg
ОМ22а-1-1,0-159 1.0 160 13.9
ОМ22а-1-1,5-159 1.5 160 20.9
ОМ22а-1-3,0-159 3.0 160 40.1


Drawings of pole ОМ22